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Fella Hamilton - Celebrating 50 years in Australian Fashion

We invite you to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Australian fashion brand Fella Hamilton, creating stylish, high quality fashion for women, enabling them to look and feel beautiful for every occasion.

The brand was created in 1969 by the inspirational Fella Hamilton whose journey in the fashion industry began in a sauna of all places, where she noticed a very elegant woman wearing a fabulous terry towelling turban. Fella was disappointed that this turban, from London, was unavailable in Australia. Inspired by this chance encounter, Fella used her creativity and entrepreneurship to create a turban of her own, which kick-started the terry towelling trend of the 1970's. This was the catalyst that began her journey as one of Australia's iconic Fashion Brands that has stood the test of time.

Starting as a wholesale business, supplying garments to the leading department stores of the day. Fella wanted to give her growing number of loyal customers a more personal shopping experience. She decided to open her first retail store in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn in 1987, which is still open today. Fella Hamilton  continues to manufacture in Australia and now has 31 stores nationwide, a mail order department and online store.  

Fella, who is now officially retired, is as passionate and dynamic as ever, and keeps up-to-date on the business.

Fella Hamilton has stood the test of time in a highly competitive market, by  remaining true to Fella's dream of providing stylish high quality fashion. Fella's family has always been an integral part of the business and the tradition now  continues with her son David and daughter-in-law Sharon. To celebrate  Fella Hamilton's 50th anniversary milestone, there will be in-store celebrations  with gifts and special offers throughout the year. 


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